Dare Ecosystem Management

Invasive Species Control
Site Assessment, Site Planning, Mowing, Brush Control, Pulling, Herbicide Application

Prescribed Burning
Site Planning, Firebreaks, Controlled Burns, Create Prescribed Fire Plans

Native Prairie Plantings, Savanna, Wetland, Tree Plantings, Plan Development

Ecologically Based Forestry Operations
Timber Sales, Timber Stand Improvement, Wood Utilization.

Erosion Control

Plant inventories and Monitoring
All Natural Communities, Plus Aquatic Plants (Lakes, Springs, Streams, Ponds)

Animal Inventories and Monitoring
Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Mussels, Other Aquatic Invertebrates

Threatened/ Endangered Species Assessment
Inventories, Monitoring, Planning, Review

Ecological Management Monitoring and Surveys
Coarse Woody Debris, Deer Exclosures, Floristic Quality Assessment, Vegetation Plots, Photo plots/ Photo points Surveys, Conservation Easement, Animal Population etc.

Natural Community Assessment

Natural Area / Nature Preserve Management Plans
Phasing / Tasking Sheets, Survey Work Reports, Plan Development, Openspace Plans

Grant Writing
Foundation, Federal, State, Private

Habitat Assessments

Ecological Education / Presentations
Nature Programs, Public Speaking, Tours, Classes

Conservation Easement
Baseline Documentation Development, Easement Monitoring, Easement Development.

GIS / GPS Data Collection, Mapping

Nature Preserve Development
Prioritization, Analysis, Land Stewardship, Trail Development

Prescribed Burn
Invasive Species Control
Ring Neck Snake
Lady Slipper